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Ahoy the Bay Area!

I have at least one friend from UOregon who is interning at Google this summer. I can vouch for him being a good guy. Is anyone looking for a housemate/roommate for the summer? Is there a spare [ profile] alpinebutterfly room whilst one of the lodge members goes gallavanting about during the summer? Do you still need people to room with, [ profile] martian687?

Good Day

Apr. 2nd, 2005 05:29 pm
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Today I most definitely did not have to use my AK.

I finally got that damn paper done. The deadline got extended for us, and we might have been even later than was acceptable on our submission, but at least it's out the door and I still think it's an okay paper. That was done before today, but it was still nice.

To answer everyone's question about what pedals I got (1, 2, 3, 4) I got the Shimano SPD 1/2 clipless and 1/2 normal pedals. That way I'm not required to wear my cycling shoes all the time. I have not yet fallen over, but I have had at least two clip-related close calls.

I also got cycling shoes and shorts, because Paul's is having a sale. I clipped in for the first time yesterday and rode for about 4 miles, and today I put on the hot pants cycling shorts and went for a ~20 miler on what seems to be my milk run on a road bike. If you are in Eugene and like to bike, I highly recommend the Lorraine-MacBeth-Fox Hollow ride. I have ridden it many times, by myself, with the chair of my department, with my dad, and with [ profile] bookerz and it has been great every time. This is the first time I've ever had a bike (or, really any toy) that was way better at doing its thing than I was. I feel like I'm flying up and down the hills, and that the only reason I'm not going even faster is because of my wussy legs. It's a neat feeling. I'm pretty sure I averaged at least 17 miles an hour, which is not too shabby for all those hills. Perhaps I should get a bike computer so that I can make sure that my numbers are going up, and therefore I am having more fun :)

Also, [ profile] goteam made an awesome apple crisp that was the perfect thing when I got back from my ride all calorie starved.

Alright, time to mow the lawn and advance the laundry. Does anyone want to ride in the Seattle to Portland ride this summer? If I can find someone I know doing it (preferably the two day, but I am persuadeable) then I will definitely be in...


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