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When people aren't trying to screen out people vs. non-people, then we have many many instances of computers successfully passing themselves off as people and having long conversations with unwitting strangers who never caught on. If I told you that a particular AIM account was actually a perl script designed to pass the Turing test, and, when you initiated a chat with that account it said "No, man. That's just one of my friends playing a trick on me - I'm totally real, and that's totally a hoax", how could it convince you of its humanity without resorting to out-of-band methods "call me on the phone" or "check out my webpage"?

If you can't think of a method, then I submit that computers have already passed the Turing test.
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So, 9 people are signed up for the class, which had its first lecture today. Now I have a message from the director of the summer program on my answering machine stating that this is 2 too few and that summer courses need to be self-supporting, and that they are thinking of cancelling it. So now I have to decide if I want to teach the same course for less money and somehow have it take less of my time, or if I want to just cancel the course altogether and work solely on research, thus screwing a whole bunch of students.

I hate this crap. I just want to teach. I like teaching. Stop trying to make it difficult for me to do what I like, world.
Update:As things stand, I'd be taking a 15% pay cut to keep things going as they are. If two or 3 people sign up, everything is groovy and there is no pay cut. My research appointment is happy to employ me for any extra time I have on my hands, so the python class is still a go, but the web development class is not. Hopefully students from other cancelled classes will sign up for mine, and this whole issue will be rendered moot.

Also, if you are a student of mine and reading this, assignment 2 is up.


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